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Profile of Opposing legal team


Over the last several months I have been receiving emails from an individual named Jose Grullon who has claimed in recent newspaper articles that he is Sandra Clarissa Zemialkowski's Attorney.  He has also claimed to be Sandra Clarissa Zemialkowski's Attorney to the Massachusetts Northwestern District Attorney's office, the office in charge of the investigation into Kali Soleil's abduction.

In his emails, comments in the newspaper articles in the Hampshire Gazette and his posts on the website Mr. Grullon has made some statements about my case attempting to insinuate that I am a fraud.   Sandra Clarissa Zemialkowski, Kali Soleil's abductor, has also made statements in the articles published by the Hampshire Gazette.

Here are some of the things that they (Sandra Zemialkowski and Jose Grullon) allege:

  1. Before Sandra took Kali Soleil Athukorala on the family vacation in December 2007 it was known or in her words 'understood' that she was not returning.
  2. Mr. Grullon in an email (a copy of which is posted on the bringseanhome foundation's website) claims that she dumped me because I was [unpleasant term] to Sandra.......
  3. Mr. Grullon claims that I have abused Sandra (in his recent email, again available on the website).
  4. Mr. Grullon claims that I am a fraud (copies of his emails are posted on the website).

Below are links to excerpts from a deposition that Sandra Clarissa Zemialkowski Rivera gave in June 5th, 2008, 6 months after deceptively removing Kali Soleil Athukorala from her home in Massachusetts.  Sandra's deposition was given under oath.

I have blacked out any sensitive information such as addresses and telephone numbers and also highlighted in yellow some of the more interesting points she makes in her deposition.

I hope that you can make up your own mind based on their (at least in my opinion) contradictory statements and allegations.

With regards to Mr. Jose Grullon, he apparently is not an Attorney in the Dominican Republic, he is not registered with the Dominican Republic's BAR.  The official response from the Dominican Republic's BAR to our request to determine whether he is a registered Attorney is available on this website under the section 'Sandra's legal team'.

Sandra Zemialkowski's legal team and their tactics

Sandra Zemialkowski's legal team has been engaging in some very questionable tactics in their effort to defend Sandra's abduction of Kali.

Sandra Zemialkowski's legal team consisted of two individuals according to the first hearing held in the Dominican Republic on March 11th, 2010.  The primary Attorney in the case being an individual named Dilia Leticia Jorge Mera, an Attorney in the Dominican Republic and a member of the International Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers.

The second member of Sandra's legal team is named Jose Grullon Cambero.  Jose Grullon Cambero was presented to the court as Attorney Mera's assistant.  However, Jose Grullon Cambero represented himself in articles in the Daily Hampshire Gazette as Sandra Clarissa Zemialkowski's Attorney and also represented himself to the Massachusetts Northwestern District Attorney's Office, the Office handling the criminal case against Sandra Zemialkowski, as Sandra Zemialkowski's Attorney.  Upon requesting confirmation from the Dominican Republic's BAR as to whether Jose Grullon Cambero is in fact an Attorney in the Dominican Republic the Dominican Republic's BAR responded by stating that Jose Grullon is not an Attorney.  Their Offical Response is listed below:

Jose Grullon Cambero is apparently a CEO of an insurance company in the Dominican Republic and whether he has any legal background or not is unclear.   A recent high profile case involving an imposter claiming to be an Attorney from the Dominican Republic, Jorge Puello, who tried to represent American Missionaries in Haiti, underscores the possibility that this may be a systemic problem in the Dominican Republic.

Jose Grullon Cambero, shortly after Kal Soleil's abduction was featured on the Bring Sean Home Foundation's website, started posting to the forums there claiming that I am a fraud.  He also started sending me several emails to my private email addresses (one of which could only have been given to him by Kali Soleil's abductor).  His emails, which I never responded to, were posted to the forums dedicated to Kali Soleil's abduction.  I leave it up to you to determine for yourself what these emails mean.

Update -- I have been informed that Attorney Dilia Leticia Jorge Mera has dropped repesentation of Sandra Clarissa Zemialkowski claiming that she did so because of Jose Grullon Cambero's behavior.

Update 04/15/2010 -- Sandra Clarissa Zemialkowski appeared in the hearing on April 15th in the Dominican Republic without an Attorney representing her.  Apparently this was a tactic to buy more time (as shortly after the hearing it was learned that she did indeed have new Attorneys).   The next hearing is set for April 30th, 2010, at which time the Judge has requested that all sides present closing arguments.

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